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This is the blog site for ControlAltDispute, a Christian alternative dispute resolution service. ControlAltDispute was founded by a Christian trial attorney, mediator, and arbitrator in south Florida to meet what seemed to be an extreme need for Christian alternative dispute resolution. M. Glenn Curran, III, Esquire, is a south Florida native who has been a trial attorney for more than twenty years. He has handled many different kinds of litigation including commercial, business, personal injury, family law, and probate litigation and has been certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit Mediator since 2001 and later became qualified by the Florida Supreme Court as an Arbitrator.

Over the last twenty years, Mr. Curran became increasingly aware that professing Christians were disputing with, even suing, other Christians in civil court because of their perception that they had no alternatives. (More often than not, by the way, they were right!) The Church in south Florida, it seemed, had largely abdicated its mandate to resolve disputes between its members. This manifest and dire need seemed to be a perfect match for the experience and training God had provided to Mr. Curran during his law practice and this led to the formation of ControlAltDispute and the drafting of its Mission Statement:

To assist the visible Church in carrying out its obligations

to serve as facilitators of resolution and restoration,

as well as to serve as judges of controversies

between confessing Christians.

This blog is where Mr. Curran writes on topics of interest to Christian mediation, Christian arbitration, or other forms of Christian alternative dispute resolution.  (Okay, sometimes he strays a bit . . . .)

To learn more about ContolAltDispute, be sure to visit us at


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