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Heavenly Resolution: A Daydream

Posted on: August 2, 2009

In the end, there will be resolution for everything.  It is comforting for the Christian to know that when Jesus comes back, He will bring with Him resolution.  (The book of Revelation, if you think about it, could almost have been called Resolution instead.)  Given the vast amount of controversy in life, this is really a shocking statement.  Can you even imagine total resolution?

I had a funny picture in my mind when I was thinking about this recently.  I was thinking about how diverse my Christian friends are on so many “intramural” (i.e., non-fundamental) Christian issues.  I personally tend towards a very “reformed” theological perspective, but I have some close friends who are doctrinally just this side of “Whoopee!”

For some reason, I began to think about baptism and how when we all get to heaven, God might say to the crowd during orientation (Hey, don’t be critical, it’s my daydream and I say there’s going to be orientation . . . .): 

God [to crowd]:  “Okay, what I’ve decided to do is not just to bestow a ton of perfect knowledge on you all at once, but to let you all learn things gradually.  So, for starters, just to sort of break the ice, I want everyone to line up on this long line here according to your views on what you think I meant about baptism.  Let’s do it by “quantity of water,” so all you full-immersers over here to my left and you sprinklers to my right.  Pourers and semi-dunkers can find your appropriate place in the middle as you best determine.” 

Representatives of the major denominations would all be there, toes at the perfect place on the line, just waiting for God to pick their group and their place on the line, thereby declaring them the winners and justifying their earthly positions.  “Yes!” they muse to themselves, “Vindication at last!”  Similarly some non-denominationals and independents would be scattered at various points along the line waiting for God to justify their views and their places on the line.  Then God would say:  “OK, ready?

So what do you think happened next?  Do you think God picked your viewpoint?

Well, here’s what really happened (remember, it is my daydream):  The Father looked at us all with big eyes (the kind a story-teller uses when he is about to announce the hero’s entrance), then He glanced at the Son (with the “should I tell ‘em?” look), and then, from behind them both, I heard the Holy Spirit . . . snicker.  It was muffled at first, but it quickly spread throughout the Trinity to full-blown laughter! 

After a while, but not a long while, all of us on the line looked to our lefts and rights, and somehow we all instantly felt ridiculous with our toes so “perfectly” placed on a line and we began to laugh too.  Now you know how contagious laughter can be here on earth?  Well in heaven, that is multiplied sevenfold!  We laughed so hard we cried.  Baptists were slapping Methodists on the back; Presbyterians were hugging non-denoms.  We kept on this way for a quite some time and then just naturally found ourselves – still laughing – gathered around the Throne.  (I looked back at one point to see if anyone was still on the line, but no one was; or more accurately I think, there was no more line.)

Somehow our laughter morphed into worship at the Throne.  It was hard to say when one ended and the other started . . . or maybe they didn’t.  Choirs and praise bands from various (and I do mean various) earthly congregations were leading the service and it was a wonderful time:  The best, actually.  Next thing I know, the Father stopped us and said:  “Who wants to see something really cool I created that none of you have seen yet?!”  He (nearly) leapt off the Throne and we, of course, all followed right behind Him trying to match His pace . . . .

That was pretty much the end of my daydream.  Now some of you are wondering “Yeah, but who did God say was right about baptism?”  Well, all I can say is that you wouldn’t have asked that question if you had been there.

There’s going to be resolution someday . . . on all issues.  Why not avoid the rush?  Seek resolution now and start with something important.  (C’mon, you know the particular situation in your life that I’m talking about . . . .)  “Blessed are the peacemakers” (Matt. 5:9).  “Insofar as it depends on you, be at peace with all men” (Rom. 12:18). 

You can do it!

–M. Glenn Curran, III, Esquire


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